A Little Bit About Prim and Proper


Prim and Proper started as a outlet for me when my youngest son was 6 months old. I needed something to express myself. Something that would get me out of yoga pants and out among other people a little more often. I’d collected signs for my own home and loved them, but finding words that spoke to me was more difficult than I thought it should be. Prim and Proper was born at my local high school bazaar. A perfectly small event that lit my entrepreneurial fire. I changed out of those old raggy yoga pants into my painting clothes, which was not an upgrade, and haven’t looked back since! I have taken so many paths with this small business but have nurtured and cultivated it to be exactly what it is today.

I design and hand paint each and every sign in my home studio in Tumwater, WA. I love words and the impact they can have on a persons life. At local events I love to watch as people wander my booth reading all the signs. They laugh, cry, grab a friend and share a memory. Seeing the way my painted words impact someone is what drives my passion.

Being a handmade artist has developed a love of all things handmade for me. I have a true passion for other creative people who are putting themselves out there, expressing themselves through their creativity and products. The community I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in through facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest have been the biggest inspiration and blessing to me. I hope you will find some inspiration here. 

Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m happy to have you here!